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Why a New Pair of Scleral Lenses?

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Why a New Pair of Scleral Lenses?

Why a New Pair of Scleral Lenses?

I already have scleral lenses, why get a new pair?

Congratulations!  You know first hand the benefits of this category of lens.  Here are some thoughts to consider:

The latest generation of scleral lenses have been even more comfortable.  We can now customize the back surface of the lenses to a higher degree.

It’s important to have back-up lenses.  When your current pair is working well, they become an excellent back-up to keep for an emergency if a lens breaks or is lost.

Your co-pays with insurance are low.  Your out-of-pocket costs are minimal.

It takes fewer office visits when you are an established patient.  You can often have your updated lenses in just two trips to our office.