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Inserting a scleral contact lens

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Inserting a scleral contact lens

Inserting a scleral contact lens

  1. After following instructions on your other checklist (rinsing the lens), place the lens on the center of your insertion plunger.

  2. Fill the lens with your Sterile Saline, making sure to fill all of the way. It will look like the lens is about to overflow when it is full.


  3. Bend at the waist, as close to a 90 degree as possible, keeping your gaze straight. At
    this point you will be looking straight at the ground.  M
    ake sure your nose is pointed straight down as well.

  4. While holding both your top and bottom lids wide open, place the lens on the center of your eye. Make sure to keep your gaze focused straight down. You can fixate on the hole on the plunger and use it as a guide to ensure you are lined up appropriately.

  5. After placing the lens on the eye, close your eye and then pull the plunger away. Your lids will hold the lens in place while removing the plunger.

  6. Open your eyes and look straight ahead again to make sure the lens is in the correct place. Looking around or away may cause air bubbles or prevent the lens from going in.

Extra Tips for Insertion!

  • Use the hole in the plunger to help line yourself up. Holding it over a light surface will make it easier to see through the hole.

  • Once leaned over and ready to insert, tuck your chin into your chest, this will help open your eye a bit more.

  • Air bubbles can happen for several reasons.  The most common – not filling the lens enough before insertion, bumping into lids or lashes, and looking around or away from lens during insertion. Air bubbles will not fix themselves, just remove and try again!

  • If you get the lens in and for some reason things just don’t feel right, simply remove and try again!