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Preparing to insert your scleral contact lenses

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Preparing to insert your scleral contact lenses

Preparing to insert your scleral contact lenses

Preparing to insert your scleral contact lenses

  1. Remove lenses from case and cleaning solution (Boston Simplus/Tangible Clean)

  2. Gently rub lens to loosen up the cleaning solution that remains after removing it from the case.
    TIP: This makes rinsing the lens easier!

  3. Thoroughly rinse lens with Sensitive Eyes Saline, making sure to rinse off any of the solution the lens has been sitting in overnight.

  4. Place lens on the DMV Vented / Scleral Cup / EZI Scleral Ring

    face up so it is shaped like a bowl (you may be using a different type of insertion device in this step).

  5. Fill lens using the PuriLens/Airlife Sterile Saline (the small pink vials).
    TIP: be sure to fill lens all of the way, it will look like it is about to overflow when it is full. Getting the lens in without enough saline may result in an air bubble.

What to do after removing lenses

  1. Remove lens using the DMV Ultra Remover, the smaller, colorful plunger.

    TIP: Adding a drop of saline to the plunger and a couple re-wetting drops into the eye helps get things moving!

  2. Gently remove lens from plunger by sliding the plunger off of the edge of lens. Do not pop it off like a suction cup.

  3. Add a few drops of the Boston Simplus/Tangible Clean (cleaning solution) to the lens. Gently rub the surface of the lens (without applying too much pressure, no squeezing or mashing the lens) the cleaning solution will start to work up a lather or bubbles, kind or like dish soap! Make sure to rub both sides for at least 30 seconds per side.

    TIP: If you notice more fogging than usual or the lenses do not feel as comfortable as they typically do, try rubbing the lens surface a little longer during this step!

  4. Using the Sensitive Eyes Saline, thoroughly rinse the lens making sure not to leave any suds from the cleaner on the surface of the lens (this is all the debris you have cleaned off you don’t want to leave any behind).

  5. Put lenses into contact lens case and fill with Boston Simplus/Tangible Clean (this is used for cleaning and for storing your lenses overnight).