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Adult and Pediatric Eye Exams


Eyes are the windows to the soul…and your health.

At Towne Lake Eye Associates, we stress the importance of preventative eye care to protect our patient’s vision and eye health. Research estimates that 80%-85% of our perception, learning, cognition, and activities are achieved through vision. This extremely important sensory organ is also the only part of the body where we can examine working blood vessels, getting a glimpse of your overall health profile.

During your yearly recommended comprehensive exam, we utilize the latest technology to find your prescription and help you see your best. We diagnose astigmatism, presbyopia, near and farsightedness as well as binocular eye conditions. We incorporate the use of eyewear with high-quality lens designs, as well as best-in-class contact lenses, to provide you with the clearest vision possible.

Our pediatric exam is tailored to make sure both eyes are working properly together while ensuring that vision and ocular health are at their best. Our comprehensive exams for kids begin at age six, and we recommend evaluating every year as the child grows.

Our office also provides pre and post-operative care for cataract surgery, secondary cataract surgery, LASIK, PRK, and other refractive surgeries. We work closely with local ophthalmologists to treat common lid issues such as chalazion, lid drooping, and skin tag removal.

More goes into vision than just prescription. In addition to the visual component of your yearly eye exam, we focus on the management of a wide range of ocular diseases.

Click here to see some of the conditions we manage and treat.

Dr. Keith with male patient
Dr. Luft with make patient