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Removing a scleral contact lens

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Removing a scleral contact lens

Removing a scleral contact lens

  1. Place a re-wetting drop into your eye and a drop of saline on to the removal

  2. Using your free hand pull down on your lower eyelid. If you have a tendency
    to close or blink then go ahead and grab both top and bottom lids!

  3. Place plunger on the lower 1/3 of the lens, as seen in the illustration, and then
    gently push lens in and then pull. The goal here is to rock the lens in order to break the suction, which allows it to come out easily.

  4. Once removed from your eye, gently slide the plunger off of the edge of the lens.
    Clean and store using the steps on your other checklist!

ExtraTips for removal!

  • Don’t panic or get frustrated. Staying calm makes everything easier!

  • Using a mirror to make sure the plunger is the correct place is always

  • Never place the plunger on the center on the lens (where your pupil is).  Try to place the plunger very close to the edge of lens.

  • You don’t need to push hard to remove. A gentle push and a pull usually does the trick.

  • If nothing happens on your first attempt, just try again! Try adding a few more drops of saline if it still seems difficult to remove.