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Allergy Eye Drops 2023

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Allergy Eye Drops 2023

Allergy Eye Drops 2023

Pataday (olopatadine) was prescription only, is now over the counter, and continues to be one of the most successful drops for eye allergies.  It is available as once daily, twice daily and extra strength.  The majority of eyes benefit the most from twice daily, and that version is the best value.  Current market rate is around $17 for a 5 ml bottle

Lastacaft is the newest over the counter allergy eye drop.  It previously was prescription only and is a once daily drop, however can be used twice a day if needed.  It is priced around $14 for a 5 ml bottle.
Alaway continues to be very effective and is a very good value.  A 10 ml bottle is around $12.
If you try these and still have symptoms, please call our office 770.926.2858.  We are eager to help!

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