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Specialty Contact Lenses


If you have an irregular cornea from keratoconus or surgery, there is an exciting contact lens option available. When the front surface of the eye is irregular, glasses and soft contact lenses are helpful, however, images can still be ghosted and do not appear crisp.

A scleral lens is a rigid gas-permeable lens that is about the size of a soft contact lens and specially designed to vault the entire cornea and rest on the white of the eye, the sclera. These lenses provide excellent vision with a smooth optical surface that functionally replaces the irregular cornea lying below. They are also very comfortable because they are custom designs for each individual eye, the white of the eye is not as sensitive as the clear cornea, and the lens vaults the cornea creating a reservoir of fluid that bathes the front of the eye.

We specialize in this lens and have invested in equipment that allows us to create the most customized designs. For many patients, the results have been life-changing!  We are passionate about helping patients who need these lenses and several local surgical groups refer their patients to us for this service.

Scleral lenses are often considered medically necessary and many insurance plans provide benefits for them.

Please call our office to learn if we can help you or with any questions at 770-926-2858.