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Scleral Lenses for Irregular Corneas

If you have an irregular cornea from keratoconus or surgery, there is an exciting new contact lens option available. When the front surface of the eye is irregular, glasses and soft contact lenses are helpful, however images can still be ghosted and do not appear crisp.

A scleral lens is a rigid gas-permeable lens that is about the size of a soft contact lens and specially designed to vault the entire cornea and rest on the white of the eye, the sclera. These lenses provide excellent vision with a smooth optical surface that functionally replaces the irregular cornea lying below. They are also very comfortable because they are custom designs for each individual eye, the white of the eye is not as sensitive as the clear cornea, and the lens vaults the cornea creating a reservoir of fluid that bathes the front of the eye.

We are so excited about the success of this lens that we invested in a computerized mapping system from the Netherlands. The ophthalmic device provides precise topography of the cornea and sclera that is used to manufacture each custom lens. For many patients the results have been life changing!

Scleral lenses are often considered medically necessary and many insurance plans provide benefits toward these lenses.

Please call our office with any questions at 770-926-2858.

Adult and Pediatric Eye Exams

Adult/Pediatric Exams

Our eye exams utilize some of the best equipment available. You have likely heard the optometrist say "which is better, lens one or lens two?" In our practice, this process is computerized, automated, efficient and precise. Because the measurements are so exact, we quickly know what lens will be best and often have your preferred lens prescription in under 30 seconds. The previous generation manual technique takes other doctors several minutes and many, many "one or two" questions.

Prescription Glasses/Sunglasses

Prescription Glasses/Sunglasses

We have a beautiful optical showroom featuring thousands of designer frames and exceptional opticians that are available six days a week. Our on-site lens manufacturing lab provides quick turnaround.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Shop Contacts

We stock thousands of contact lenses, and our lens prices are very competitive. We provide the top performing lenses in each lens category.

Medical Treatment of Eye Diseases

Medical Treatment of Eye Diseases

We provide same day care for eye infections and injuries. We monitor the retina for diabetics and the macula for patients with macular degeneration. We offer state of the art glaucoma treatment. We evaluate cataracts and if surgery is necessary, work with top surgeons in Atlanta providing most of your care in our office.

Eye Surgery Comanagement

Eye Surgery Comanagement

We work with top surgeons in Atlanta, providing much of your post-op surgical care here in our office. We will help you understand the options and provide objective counseling so you can make the right choices.

Referral Network

Referral Network

With 20 years of experience on the front lines of eyecare, we have an extensive referral network of specialists that are ready to help with any condition that requires advanced specialty care. We have longstanding relationships with top specialists at Piedmont and Northside. These partnerships ensure seamless solutions and provide the confidence that we can handle all of your eyecare needs.

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