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DMV Scleral Cup

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DMV Scleral Cup

DMV Scleral Cup


The DMV Scleral Cup is most commonly used for the insertion of scleral lenses, hybrid lenses, and soft contact lenses. It can also be used for the insertion and removal of prosthetic eyes.

DMV Scleral Stand

The DMV Scleral Stand is used for the insertion of scleral lenses. This very simple design allows for an inexpensive, hands-free insertion option. A DMV Vented Scleral Cup is included with each Scleral Stand.

Looking down through the Scleral Stand, the user can use a white background to create a target to help insert their lens. Since the base of the stand absorbs light, the user can also use a flashlight to create a lit target to help guide them for insertion.

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