Vision Surgery

Vision Surgery

We work with the top surgeons in Atlanta, providing your care before and after surgery here in our office.

Having a surgical procedure for your vision is a big deal. We will help you understand the options and provide objective counseling so you can make the right choices.

We partnered with Emory in the 90’s and have longstanding relationships with top surgeons at Piedmont, Northside and Kennestone.

LASIK continues to provide impressive results for improving distance vision. The best LASIK candidates are under age 40 with healthy eyes. After 40, the challenge is with near vision. LASIK improves vision at the horizon, however does not restore near vision for someone who already needs reading glasses, progressives or bifocals up close. So, after 40, LASIK will reduce, but typically not eliminate, dependence on glasses.

Modern cataract surgery is very, very successful. The natural lens becomes more cloudy as years go by. It is very common that the lens becomes foggy enough that best vision is limited. In cataract surgery this natural lens is removed and replaced with a clear synthetic intraocular lens (IOL). The power of the synthetic lens is carefully chosen to provide focused vision.

A single vision IOL offers very precise distance vision. To help with near vision, one eye can be focused for the horizon, and the second eye for near. This is called “monovision” and can be accomplished with single vision IOLs. A multifocal IOL can provide focused vision far and near by splitting light. In good light these typically work very well. In low light, it is common to see some glare, ghosting and halos.

The latest in cataract surgery is utilizing a laser instead of a blade. We are very impressed with the results. The surgery is more precise and faster, with quicker healing.